The Anti-Secret Marketing Strategy to Get Leads and Sales

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How to get more leads and sales for your small business? It’s the million-dollar question! Many “marketers” out there pitch their magic solutions and “secrets” that will solve all of your problems, but most of them aren’t right for your business. There is no one-size-fits-all approach.

In this blog post, Kevin Namaky provides his best anti-secret marketing tip for how to approach this problem and increase your chances of making the sale. Kevin also walks through a couple of marketing system examples so you can easily understand how to apply this concept to your own marketing strategy and grow your small business.


The question of how to get more leads and sales is actually very broad. The answer really depends on your audience and on the specifics of your business. The tough answer no one usually wants to hear is: there’s no single magic bullet.

Now, I know you really want me to tell you that there’s this one thing you should do — this one answer that’s suddenly going to make your sales go up. While there is one thing you could probably do to help your sales go up, it’s not the same for every person or for every business.


Instead of a simple secret that might magically help you increase sales, it helps to think of your marketing as a system. Thinking of marketing as a system means that there are multiple pieces that work together to help bring you those sales and leads.

The most basic working marketing systems do at least three things:

  1. They get people to come to you. They get your audience to come to you in the form of traffic to your website or footsteps to a physical location.
  2. They engage people and encourage an exchange of value. You providing some sort of value in exchange for information, such as an email address. This helps you get things like contact and leads.
  3. They cultivate and convert leads into sales opportunities. This usually means providing even more value up to the point that you’re able to make someone an offer.


Let me illustrate this.

Step 1: Let’s say you’re in the financial services industry. You sell financial products and services. You might be using something like a website that’s SEO optimized (search engine optimized) to help get you traffic. You could also be using a paid approach using things like Facebook ads and those could be driving traffic to your site.

Step 2: You might be providing a free resource guide that helps people and provides value in exchange for information like an email address.

Step 3: You might be giving tips regularly through email and creating even more value for people and eventually inviting them to a sales opportunity for you, which might be in the form of a free consultation call. On the call, you’re going to help them even more before you make them an offer.


Let’s look at a specific example. Imagine you’re a local photographer and you specialize in taking photos of young children, which we all know can be really tricky to do, to get kids to hold still and let us take their picture. So, you’re targeting families with young children.

Step 1: You might use a website that’s optimized for search engines as well as local listings to get traffic to your website.

Step 2: Once they get to your website you might have a portfolio that shows your work. Then you might feature testimonials on your page to reinforce trust.

Step 3: Finally, you might ask them to fill out a form or call for more information.

Essentially, there are a few steps you are walking people through towards an opportunity.


Without all of those pieces working together, the system really has no power. If you can focus, not just on one tactic, but on creating a system of tactics—a few things that work together—you can more easily walk someone from knowing nothing about you towards getting to know you and towards an actual sales opportunity where they might become a customer.

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