5 Evaluation Criteria to Strengthen Your Positioning Statement


Five recommended evaluation criteria that will help ensure a strategically sound brand positioning statement and help you gain stakeholder alignment. Positioning is a strategic skillset that all great marketers and strategists need to excel at. But when you’re staring at the positioning statement looking for ways to make it stronger, it helps to have a cheat sheet or checklist of …


An Effective Format for Writing a Brand Positioning Statement


A sound brand positioning statement is critical for any brand or business that wants to build meaningful equity and win in the marketplace. Here you’ll find a rundown of the core positioning elements as well as a recommended template for effective positioning (downloadable pdf included). Do you have a brand positioning statement? If so, when was the last time you …

Why I Started the Gurulocity Marketing Blog

Gurulocity marketing strategy blog logo

In this inaugural post, I explain the various aspects of my life that have influenced and eventually contributed to starting the Gurulocity marketing blog. I hope that this gives each of you better insight to the underlying spirit and purpose behind this blog. In these posts and pages, I’ll share with readers and subscribers the learning and experiences that have …