Open Session Announcement: Brand Management Fundamentals

AMA Virtual Training - Brand Management Fundamentals

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We are pleased to announce that we are running an open virtual training session for the American Marketing Association on January 19th on Brand Management Fundamentals. In partnership with the AMA we are making this one-time virtual session available to anyone who wants to attend.

Marketing has become more specialized, driven by deeper specialization in digital, social media, influencer, PR and activation. One specialty that’s often overlooked is brand management. The term brand management might even mean different things depending on if you are talking to a designer, consultant, agency or traditional client-side marketer. This confusion has led to most marketers having only a very thin understanding of what brand management actually is, creating brands with ambiguous/non-existent strategy, lack of leadership on projects, and confusion on the part of agency partners as to how and why clients make key decisions.

In this three-hour virtual session, you will learn exactly what brand management is and how the best brand managers think about their businesses, prioritize projects and grow their careers. You’ll learn core frameworks and project prioritization methods that the best brand managers use, how to best collaborate with cross-functional partners, key areas to develop a career in brand management, and how brands analyze and judge the financial performance/ROI of key initiatives.

You can get additional information about the training and sign up by clicking here. You do not need to be an AMA member to attend.

Don’t miss this chance to get some of our most in-demand concepts at a reduced rate.