The Missing Piece You Need to Gain Momentum in Your Small Business

Kevin Namaky Marketing Coach

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I’m pleased to announce that, after more than a few requests for 1:1 coaching, I’ve decided to offer marketing coaching services.

Marketing can be overwhelming at times. There are lots of options and info around the web. It can be hard to know where to focus to get results. Or if you do have an idea of where to focus, the specific steps to get it done may not be obvious.

That’s where a marketing coach can help.

Maybe you’re not ready to farm out all of your marketing to consultants and agencies. You’ve still got to do a lot of it yourself. But, you could use someone to point you in the right direction so you know you’re doing the right things in the right way.

If that sounds like you, then maybe we should chat. Simply click the link below to get more information:

Marketing Coaching for Small Business

P.S.—Since the coaching is conducted by yours truly, I have limited availability. The sooner you apply, the greater your chances of getting a spot. -Kevin


Kevin Namaky

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Kevin Namaky founded Gurulocity, a marketing education company, to help small business owners develop clear, custom marketing strategies that work for them. As a brand marketing leader and former Head of Strategy at a global consulting firm, he created billions in new value for companies big and small. He now brings those marketing secrets to small businesses everywhere. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and join the private community exclusively for small business owners.

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