How Gurulocity is Transforming Brand Management Training

Business Insider Feature

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Business Insider recently ran a feature on how Gurulocity Brand Management Institute is transforming brand management training. Below is an excerpt.

No brand has ever just appeared overnight. It can take a whole team of people months or even years of work in order to craft a fully cohesive brand, but therein lies one of the biggest pitfalls of branding. A brand is a precarious thing; even just the slightest slip-up on the part of a marketing team can completely change customers’ perception of a brand. Companies need fully skilled brand teams in order to support their brands, but unfortunately many traditional colleges and universities don’t teach all of the fundamental skills brand managers need on the job.

Enter Gurulocity Brand Management Institute, one of the most innovative brand management training firms operating today. While most marketing training programs center around one-off conference trainings and digital marketing theory, Gurulocity is focused on elevating the practices of all members of a brand management team, making training and coaching easier to practically apply in everyday work.

Innovations in brand management training lead to innovations in brand management which eventually lead to innovations in branding writ large. No matter what corner of the branding world you call home, the new ideas Gurulocity is bringing to the table deserve your attention.

Turning Training Into Action

Most in the brand management world are no stranger to training, but many have likely had mixed results in the past. Brand-related training can often be heady, theoretical, buzzword-heavy stuff with few clear connections to the reality of making a brand work. All brand management training should have a clear through-line from the exercises to the real world – that’s the principal idea behind Gurulocity.

Gurulocity is led by its founder and CEO Kevin Namaky, brand management expert with over 20 years of experience in the field as everything from a Brand & Innovation Director to a Head of Strategy at a global brand consulting agency. He created Gurulocity not to teach the fundamentals of branding theory to people who likely already know them; he did so in order to impart the same kind of practice-focused knowledge he’s gained through decades in the field and previously taught to his own teams as a brand leader in the corporate world. This practical focus is why Gurulocity’s programs go deep into specific frameworks and case studies that brand managers can apply the very next day.

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