Dear [Your Manager’s Name],

I’d like to continue my professional growth and drive impact at our company by further developing my brand management skills. To do this, I’d like to join the Gurulocity Brand Management Accelerator (BMA) program, an online brand management education platform that offers unlimited in-depth courses/workshops, live events, and a private community for $1,500/year.

Let me know if the company can reimburse this expense.

Some more information about the Gurulocity BMA program:

This revolutionary membership program is designed exclusively for client-side brand management professionals. The program combines training workshop content with live events and a supportive learning community, creating an in-depth, always-on training and development platform for brand management teams. Topics range from strategy & planning to media & communications to research & innovation.

The program is led by Kevin Namaky, a 20-year consumer brand professional. Members and clients include Kimberly-Clark, Kraft Heinz, Gorilla Brands, Johnson & Johnson, Bolthouse Farms, GSK Consumer, Rare Beauty, Sephora, and

Let me know what you think. If you think we should join the Gurulocity BMA as a team, you can reach out to Kevin at to discuss.


[Your Name]