Create Momentum in Your Business With 1:1 Expert Coaching

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So many options. So many ideas. Maybe you’re trying a lot of things and you aren’t sure where to focus. Or maybe you have an idea of where to focus, but you aren’t quite sure of the steps involved or where to start. And you cringe at the idea of having to hire a consultant to do it all for you. Well, that all ends now.

Stop spinning your wheels and build a better business.

Benefits of a Coach

Sometimes you just need an expert who’s been there to show you the right path—to sit elbow to elbow with you, give you targeted advice, and work through it together.

A good marketing coach:

  • Helps you focus on the right marketing activities to meet your goals
  • Uncovers the core issues you don’t always see yourself
  • Clarifies action steps and provides accountability
  • Connects you to the right resources when additional help is needed
  • Motivates and empowers you

Meet your new Marketing Coach

Hi! I’m Kevin Namaky, Founder of Gurulocity Marketing Education. As a brand marketing leader and former Head of Strategy at a global consulting firm, I helped unlock billions in growth for businesses large and small. I now bring those marketing secrets to small businesses everywhere. As a trained educator, I’ve taught in classrooms, workshops, conferences and boardrooms.

My coaching style focuses on empowering you through purpose, mastery and accountability. I look forward to working elbow to elbow with you.

Kevin Namaky

Are you a good fit for coaching?

There are two criteria that make someone a good candidate for coaching. First, I must be able to significantly help you. This depends on the type of business you’re in, where you’re at on your journey, your goals and current challenges. It’s why I require an application. Second, you must have the right mindset. It’s not enough to need help. You also have to be open-minded and willing to be critiqued. Collaboration is key and you must commit to the process and do the work.

Are you ready? Here we go!

How It Works

Regardless of the option you choose below, they all have a few things in common. All coaching sessions are delivered via live videoconference. It’s important to meet face-to-face, even if it’s on screen, getting to know each other and sharing information visually. I learn more about you, your business, your competition, what’s working and what’s not. It’s at that point that I can start to lay out a plan to help you move forward.

The roadmap and action plans we create together are customized to you, your business, and what you want to get out of our coaching sessions. If you are unsure what you need, I have a core process I use to cut through the clutter and create a clear plan.

The process includes an upfront audit, goal-setting, gap identification, laying out tactical options based on your strengths and target customer, prioritization exercises and action steps. We design the ideal marketing system together. I will also assign homework and worksheets as needed along the way.

Kevin’s Marketing Coaching Packages

One-time Marketing Audit


Not sure where to start? After I do a little homework on my end, I’ll conduct a 60-minute interview with you to dive into the details of your business and marketing. I will then deliver a written assessment to you that outlines prioritized areas that need immediate attention. You leave with new marketing priorities in-hand.

  • Audit and written assessment of current marketing activities
  • Resource recommendations and referrals as needed

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Marketing Strategy Foundation


This package helps you create your upfront marketing strategy, which is critical as it informs every aspect of your marketing moving forward. We will meet for 6, 60-minute meetings—usually bi-weekly (over roughly 12 weeks). I will coach you step-by-step through goals, strategies and action steps. At the end you’ll have a specific marketing calendar of exactly what to do and when to do it.

  • Audit of current marketing goals and activities
  • Target audience definition
  • Brand positioning and core message refinement
  • New goal setting and gap identification
  • Prioritization exercises and activities to select the right tactics for YOUR business
  • Marketing calendar of what to do and when to do it

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Monthly Implementation Coaching


You get extra guidance, feedback, and accountability as you execute your new marketing priorities. We’ll meet monthly to review what’s been done, what needs to happen next, and how to actually do it. You’ll know exactly how to implement and optimize your marketing system.

  • Designed specifically for graduates of the Marketing Strategy Foundation
  • 1-on-1 private monthly coaching call
  • Specific action steps and instructions to implement your marketing plans
  • Learn how to measure, improve and optimize your tactics as you go
  • Regular email access so help is always just a message away

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