Learn The 4 Marketing Myths That Hold Small Businesses Back

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There’s no shortage of small business marketing advice out there. But the vast majority of it is either misleading or flat out wrong. So many self-proclaimed “experts” repeat this bad advice that it creates myths that many small business owners blindly follow.

Instead of a winning marketing strategy, most small business owners choose the same target, message, and tactics. Everyone looks, sounds and acts the same. There’s no differentiation and it’s a race to the bottom.

So I’m going to dispel 4 of the biggest myths at Ocean Conference in Cincinnati on October 11.

I’ll be speaking at the conference as part of the Small Business Owners Learning Community Workshop. The presentation is titled Forget What You’ve Been Told: 4 Marketing Myths That Hold Small Businesses Back (and what to do about it).

Come visit on Thursday afternoon where you’ll learn what to do to stand out, connect with your audience, and create a marketing system that actually works for you.

Can’t make it to the conference? I’ll follow up with a recap afterward. But in the meantime you can still get clear, custom marketing strategy advice now by downloading the guide: 5 Steps to Finding the Right Tactics for You.

Or, simply click here to learn how you can get a clear, custom marketing strategy for your business.


Kevin Namaky

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Kevin Namaky founded Gurulocity, a marketing education company, to help small business owners develop clear, custom marketing strategies that work for them. As a brand marketing leader and former Head of Strategy at a global consulting firm, he created billions in new value for companies big and small. He now brings those marketing secrets to small businesses everywhere. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn and join the private community exclusively for small business owners.

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