Press Release: Gurulocity Launches Revolutionary New Way To Develop Great Consumer Brand Leaders

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Brand Management Accelerator Program Reduces Learning Curve for Brand Managers

OCTOBER 3, 2022 (CINCINNATI, OH)Gurulocity Brand Management Institute announces the launch of its Brand Management Accelerator (BMA) training and development program, a membership program designed exclusively for client-side brand management professionals working on consumer brand teams that combines training workshop content with live events and a supportive learning community to create an in-depth, always-on training and development platform.

The BMA was created to provide practical, timely and efficient training and development solutions, which is a gap felt by most consumer brand organizations. It is enabled by a combination of in-depth, on-demand and live components, brought together in a new scalable platform that brand teams can leverage to develop their future leaders.

“Brand managers need to learn how to go from business strategy to consumer insights to creating an advertising strategy… and then how to evaluate creative work. Because many marketers aren’t equipped to give effective feedback, you end up in a situation where the briefs are not great so neither is the creative—which costs more in the end,” shared Adam Novickas, vice president and executive publisher at Ubisoft, when asked about the importance of training for consumer goods brand managers.

Kevin Namaky, a trained educator with 20 years of experience as a CPG executive and founder of Gurulocity Brand Management Institute, couldn’t agree more. 

“For years, senior marketing executives have told me they’re frustrated with the inconsistency among their brand management teams,” said Namaky. “Because brand managers lack sufficient training, CMOs and marketing directors often have to dive into the weeds to fix things.”  

Consumer brand management is a different kind of marketing. It is a unique, lost art. It’s not taught with the proper depth in most school programs, and new hires typically have little applicable brand management work experience. 

In fact, many brand managers and assistant brand managers (ABMs) have either held other roles within the same company outside of the marketing organization, or were in different industries before moving into brand management. Namaky saw this firsthand with his own teams.

“Brand, team members usually only have no common experiences or terminology because of their very different backgrounds. 

“With the help of someone with extensive training in the industry sector, you can create a custom training program that elevates the entire team to think critically about the big picture, understand how to set strategy, and properly  innovate instead of just executing tactics,” adds Tara Morrill, VP of Brands at Rare Beauty Brands.

Since 2016, Gurulocity, Namaky’s sought-after training and consulting firm has worked with brand managers at Ubisoft, Rare Beauty Brands, Procter & Gamble, Kraft Heinz, Johnson and Johnson, Nestlé, and GSK, training over 1,000 brand managers in total.

Through the new Brand Management Accelerator program, Namaky has found a way to prioritize practical application and reduce reliance on unactionable textbook theory, conferences that leave attendees with little they can actually use, and online courses taught by “experts” that have never actually worked in a brand management role. Instead, brand managers now have a single place to access the training content and human support they need to grow. 

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