New Online Marketing Course for Small Business Owners Coming Soon

Taking an online marketing course

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Gurulocity is finalizing a new online marketing course for small business owners, launching Fall 2017.

I’m excited to announce we are taking a crucial step towards helping more small business owners and entrepreneurs take their business to the next level.


Some of you saw that we launched a pilot test of an online marketing course this past Spring. That initial course focused on helping small business owners design a marketing funnel that increases traffic, collects more leads, and wins more business—even if you have no previous marketing experience.

The inaugural class included business owners representing financial services, medical services, real estate, construction and consumer products. The course was successful and received very positive feedback and testimonials (thank you!). In fact, it was so positive that we decided to turn it into a complete marketing plan course.

We also used learning from the pilot class to optimize delivery of the final course. We’re putting the course on a new technology platform that allows self-paced learning, bite-sized lessons and mobile access. As a result, it will be easy for small business owners to complete the course around their busy schedule. And, we’ll include a live coaching option as part of the final course (it was a popular request to keep this aspect of the pilot course).


For those who may be interested in a 30-day, no-nonsense course to develop your marketing strategy, you can use this link to sign up to be notified once the course is live. In addition, anyone on this priority list will receive an exclusive discount code when the course launches.

I don’t sell things on this blog. But based on conversations with this community it seemed like a useful thing to let everyone know what we’re working on, and I wanted to reward our readers with this offer as a “thank you.”

P.S.—You may have noticed that recently we’ve been posting new blog articles about once per month instead of every week or two. Getting this course finalized is taking up a good chunk of our time. However, you can expect us to return to our regular cadence of articles this Fall when the course goes live. Thanks for being a continued reader.

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Kevin Namaky founded Gurulocity Gurulocity, a marketing education company, to help small business owners and entrepreneurs hone their strategic marketing craft and unlock their potential. As a brand marketing leader and former Head of Strategy at a global consulting firm, he created billions in new value for companies big and small. He now brings those marketing secrets to small businesses everywhere. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn.

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