My Three Words for 2017

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Let’s make great things happen this year. Here are three words that will guide my success. What are yours?

2016 was a whirlwind for me. I went through job changes, started a company, had health issues (better now!), my wife went back to work after almost 10 years, our kids’ schedules have taken off (two boys active in school and sports), and my mother passed away. Some of these events were difficult, some liberating… and some were both!

I imagine a lot of people feel the same way. There are ups and downs every year. And as time goes by, it seems life continues to become ever more complicated. Maybe that’s a larger trend. Or maybe it’s what happens to everyone as they get older, move through their careers, and ride the life roller coaster with their families.

That’s my starting point. How did your year go?


Chris Brogan started this tradition over 10 years ago and I decided to take a shot at it this year. You can read his in-depth explanation and see his previous selections here. Here’s the gist of it:

Pick three words to use as a guide for the coming year, and find a way to make them visible in your daily life (posting them on your monitor, calendar, etc.). Reflecting on them each day reminds you to stay on track. Use it as a filter to evaluate how you spend your time and the decisions you make.


After reflecting on how 2016 went and where I am today personally and professionally, here are the three words I chose.

  • Purpose: A reminder to not just focus, but to be very clear and intentional about the very few big goals I have. Focus can be good, but I could focus on many different things. Instead, the word purpose implies an extremely small number of guiding lights. Probably one if I am really honest with myself.
  • Discipline: A reminder that all good things in life take work, both professionally and personally. But it’s also a reminder to draw boundary lines. It’s too easy to let one part of my life take over or force out another part. I’m committing to doing great work when I’m working, and being present for my family when I’m not… and passing on dessert… most of the time, anyways. 🙂
  • Momentum: To start and stop is too easy. To keep going, get in the flow, not break the chain… that’s gold. So this one is a reminder to help me keep the momentum going. A reminder that, without that feeling of momentum, something is off. So whether it’s getting into a flow when I write, or keeping the chain going with my morning workouts, momentum is my friend.

There they are. My three words. I just realized that they also apply to good marketing strategy, although that wasn’t my intention. But I’ll take it!

I hope everyone reading this has a great 2017. Maybe there are just a few words that can help guide you this year.

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