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It’s been 90 days. 90 days since launching this blog. 90 days since establishing our mission: to help marketers create change in their organizations by honing their craft.

Our readership continues to increase each week. I’m glad we have a growing audience that finds value in the articles we’ve posted on this marketing strategy blog.

But, if you’ve joined recently and don’t have time to dig back through all the old articles, we thought it would be helpful to point out a few worthy reads. This post should also give you a chance to read what others have found useful if you’ve been a subscriber but may have been too busy to keep up.

Here, in reverse order based on unique views, are the top five posts from our first 90 days:

5) 10 Examples of Advertisements to Emulate

One of our recent posts has quickly become one of our most popular. It can be fun and educational to take a look at what notable brands are doing. This post provides 10 examples of great advertisements from recent print publications. There’s an ebook download of all 10 ads with commentary as to why we think each one is a winner. Read more: 10 Examples of Advertisements to Emulate.

4) The Two Main Ingredients for Loyalty in the Workplace

Another one of our more recent posts provides a simple but powerful way to look at employee loyalty. If you are a manager, it can help you predict the loyalty of your team. And if you are considering leaving your employer, it gives you a simple way to think about whether or not it is the right time for you to go. Read more: The Two Main Ingredients for Loyalty in the Workplace.

3) 50 Quick Marketing Tips to Provoke Your Thinking

This post is for you if you’re one of those curious people who likes to read for inspiration and ideas. It has 50 quick tips that are written in short, scannable format. Take a quick read and jot down an idea for your own business. Read more: 50 Quick Marketing Tips to Provoke Your Thinking.

2) An Effective Format for Writing a Brand Positioning Statement

One of our first posts on this blog has proven to be most useful, coming in strong at #2. This article explains the most common brand positioning statement format, and then offers an improved version to sharpen your positioning. This post includes a downloadable template you can use to iterate and optimize your own brand positioning. Read more: An Effective Format for Writing a Brand Positioning Statement.

1) Easy Marketing Plan Template: Less Than 15 Slides and You’re Done

If you are tasked with writing a marketing plan, but aren’t happy with your current format, you’ll find a succinct outline here. The inclusion of a downloadable PowerPoint presentation template helps make this our top viewed post. Simply follow the instructions on each slide and drop in your content. Add your logo and company name, and you’re done. Read more: Easy Marketing Plan Template: Less Than 15 Slides and You’re Done.

There you have it. Five of the most read articles from our first 90 days. A big thank you to everyone who’s subscribed, read, and followed the blog on social media. Help spread the word, and we’ll continue to add more articles and templates each week.

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